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Gimme-A-Go Fishing Adventures - Sturgeon and Salmon in Oregon

Jumping sturgeon, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

                Just minutes from Portland Oregon offers some of the best fishing in the world. The scenic Columbia River winds from Canada to the Pacific Ocean and that allows us to fish in the breath-taking beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. People from all over the world come to the Columbia River not just for the beauty of the Gorge and all the waterfalls a person will see but also for it’s plentiful amount of fish that make their home here in the river. The Columbia River has the largest population of White sturgeon in the world and some of the best salmon fishing a fisherman could ask for. It is also home for Steelhead, walleye, shad and many more species, up and down this great river.  With my 30 plus years of fishing the Northwest, I would like the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with you. The thing I love about guiding is seeing the excitement of people’s faces when they hook into that fish of a lifetime. Or, seeing the pride of a dad or mom when they see their child having a time of their life while landing their first fish.  

          In Oregon, sturgeon and salmon have long been the highlights of our fishing legacy. As your fishing guide, I will offer you an opportunity for that Pacific Northwest fishing trip you will want to tell all your friends about. Oversized sturgeon that are more than 10 feet long! King salmon and coho salmon are in record numbers! Great-tasting walleye fish are plentiful! Both summer steelhead and winter steelhead are sure to get your heart pumping. And shad fishing is as fun as it gets.

Fishing like that in the beauty of the Oregon's Columbia River Gorge just can't be beat!

Here are the species we target and the time of the year we find them:

White Sturgeon
– The white sturgeon migrate up and down the Columbia River from the mouth to the first Dam which is the Bonneville Dam. Sturgeon are always looking for food and follow different food sources up and down the river. The first couple months of the year the juvenile sturgeon (keeper size) work their way .........  MORE INFO

Salmon – The Columbia River has some of the biggest runs of salmon in the world. One of the comments made by Lewis and Clark was that you could walk across the Columbia River on the backs of salmon. Now, those numbers are well behind us but we will get thousands and thousands of salmon coming up ........... MORE INFO

Shad - In May and June we are catching Shad which come up by the thousands. This is a great fishery for kids. We get a lot of action and these fish are good fighters. After a day with me out ........ MORE INFO

Summer Steelhead - In July and August we are chasing steelhead around. These sea-running rainbows are fun to catch. They are very acrobatic and will certainly give you a good fight. There are 2 runs of summer steelhead we get up the Columbia River. They run head to tail of each other so it is hard to tell when one run ends ......MORE INFO

Besides the Columbia River, we also lead exciting fishing trips for sturgeon, salmon, steelhead, and shad on Oregon rivers such as the:
Columbia River Gorge!

The beautiful Columbia River Gorge is just minutes from Portland, Oregon!

With over 35 years of fishing experience in the Pacific Northwest, we are able to give you the best chance to hook a fish of a lifetime. We became full-time fishing guides in 1998.

Great Catch

We specialize in custom fishing trips for you and your group. Whether it is a family vacation, a business associates trip or just a day get-away, we will make the trip the way you want it.

"We had a wonderful time on your sturgeon fishing adventure. Your kindness, patience and superlative fishing expertise made our day on the Columbia River a most wonderful experience."
- William N. MD, Shelton, WA (March 2001)

Let's Go Fishing!

"We want you to know it was our best trip ever. Thank you! We also enjoyed your company... I've caught a couple of 8 and 9 footers & it's a blast."
- Louis F., Springfield, OR (June 2000).

So, if you want "exciting, heart pounding fishing," give us a call, and let's book that special trip for you or your family.

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