Offshore Hosting is the process of hosting a site on servers located out of one’s country. In most cases, this is done with the aim to benefit certain advantages. Essentially, technically, when you host a site on foreign servers you’re actually engaging in offshore hosting. Offshore host companies are able to offer a variety of different services and solutions for those wishing to take advantage of their hosting services.

Offshore Hosting

Freedom of Choice One of the main reasons that offshore hosting is so popular is the fact that you have greater freedom of choice. You will be able to choose between various server packages and types of services offered. You will also be able to opt for cheaper hosting plans if you want. You may not always get all of these features available when hosting from within your country – so having an offshore hosting account offers you the freedom to choose what suits you best.

Cost savings Another major reason why people prefer offshore web hosting is the cost savings associated with it. Most hosting companies that are based in your home country will naturally be able to offer better prices than those based in distant countries. However, there is still the potential for cost savings when choosing offshore hosting. Many offshore host companies offer cheaper rates for dedicated servers. If you already have your own dedicated server then by all means you should seriously consider this option if you need it.

Increased freedom When you sign up with an offshore hosting provider you also get increased freedom of choice. Rather than being bound by the confines of your home country, you will be free to set up shop in any part of the world that you wish. Of course, choosing to host your site on one of the remote servers from a foreign country can limit your own access to the technological features of your site. But again, by choosing a host that is based in a different country from where you are based you have the opportunity to gain more technological freedom than would otherwise be possible. Some providers even give you the chance to take advantage of technological advances such as SSL security and the older Cpanel system.

Security concerns An important reason why people choose to host their sites on offshore hosts is to reduce the exposure to security threats such as viruses, spyware and malware. Whilst all of these risks do exist on dedicated servers, there is a greater opportunity for them to come home to roost on your own dedicated servers. By choosing a web hosting provider situated in a different country, you eliminate this worry and thus increase the chance of your site being sufficiently protected. Some offshore hosts provide security consultants who can look after your website in the event that there are problems that need addressing.

Cost savings Of course, cost is always a consideration and no-one likes to pay too much. Offshore servers offer you a great deal in terms of cost savings. In addition to the considerable lower costs of employing staff and building physical infrastructure, you have less overhead expenses associated with the operation. This is especially relevant if the majority of your site’s visitors will be from other countries that may have access to lower cost hosting services. You will also have fewer operating costs since you won’t have to hire expensive IT staff for manning the server rooms and ensuring that you get a decent level of uptime for your site.