Houston photo booth rental did a great job at my wedding. The staff was friendly and helpful while setting things up. The setup was only what we needed! We were able to move around freely, talk to the photographers, and take lots of photos without the need for additional props.

Houston photo booth

My husband was able to capture some wonderful memories with our Houston photo booth experience. Everyone seemed to get along and even though there were more than a few guests who didn’t want to stand in the photo booth, the majority of them were accommodating. They were very polite and did not shout or interrupt. The lighting was adequate enough that we could see most of the guests. It was obvious that the photographers had a great deal of practice. They knew exactly how to position themselves and had the equipment set up properly.

The photographer’s instructions were easy to follow and gave plenty of tips and tricks for better picture taking. The pictures were great! Everyone seemed very excited and Adrenalin pumped while they were in the photo booth. My favorite picture was actually one of my babies. I thought that it was going to be boring because all of the other guests in the photo booth were in the same place looking at their babies!

But when my little guy came out I was overjoyed. He looked so tiny in his photo booth attire but boy was he cute. We all got to see him up close and personal, which is always a plus when you are in a photo booth. Another great thing about the Houston photo booth was that everyone was kept busy for an hour. This gave us a chance to talk about some of the other people in the photo booth, talk about some of the other things we like to do in Houston, and make some new friends! My husband even talked to one of the photographers after we left and got some great advice on how to take great pictures with his camera.

I highly recommend going to your local Houston photo booth for some fun and excitement! There are all different types of booths for you to choose from. Some have only pictures, or only some of your favorite celebrities, and others will give you the chance to be with your family members, your friends, and your favorite things. It is like having an exhibition at an art show for a fraction of the price. And you get to look at all of the amazing pictures you have taken during the day!

My husband and I will definitely be going back to our Houston photo booth adventure again. I am not sure what it is about seeing my favorite pictures of my family in real life that gets my juices flowing. I think it may be all of the emotions I feel because of taking the pictures, but I am not sure. Whatever it is, this is a fun way to capture memories and bring a smile to my face. And if you ever go to Houston, I highly suggest you check into what a photo booth has to offer.